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Andreas Tilliander - Ljud [2001, cd, mille plateaux]

lbl: Mille Plateaux
#: MP 097 CD
abstract, experimental, minimal, glitch

1. Untitled 1
2. Untitled 2
3. Untitled 3
4. Untitled 4
5. Untitled 5
6. Untitled 6
7. Untitled 7
8. Untitled 8
9. Untitled 9
10. Untitled 10

note: Ljud is Swedish for "sound", and a more accurate album title is hard to come by. Andreas Tilliander takes small clicks and pops and construct small, intricate loops. A comparison with labelmates Snd is impossible to avoid, even though Andreas makes even more minimalistic music. And I can feel that there is a bit too little going on, that constant small change that make this kind of loop-based music enjoyable is sometimes so small on Ljud that it is hardly noticeable. Things get better as the album progresses, and at times a common straight 4/4 beat give the tracks more structure. The album must be seen as a whole, where the early tracks' utmost minimalism is minutely supplanted by a growing change towards the end of the album. That all ten tracks are untitled may be a further indication of this. Especially track nine is really good. - Henrik Stromberg, Igloo Magazine.

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