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Galaxy 2 Galaxy - A Hitech Jazz Compilation [2005, 2 x cd, submerge recordings]

november 2005
lbl: Submerge Recordings
#: SUBCD-3010-2
techno, detroit


1-01 Metamorphosis
1-02 Transition
1-03 The Theory (Mind Mix)
1-04 Return Of The Dragons
1-05 Big Stone Lake
1-06 Sometimes I Feel Like
1-07 Body And Soul
1-08 Nation 2 Nation
1-09 303 Sunset
1-10 A Moment In Time
1-11 Jupiter Jazz
1-12 Amazon
1-13 Astral Apache
1-14 Deep Space 9

Hi-Tech Jazz

2-02 Journey Of The Dragons
2-03 Star Sailing
2-04 Windchime
2-05 Timeline
2-06 First Galactic Baptist Church
2-07 Inspiration
2-08 Momma's Basement
2-09 Afro's, Arps And Minimoogs

Edited By - Jeff Mills , Santiago Salazar
Executive Producer - Mike Banks , Mr. De'
Producer - Underground Resistance (tracks: 1-01 to 2-04, 2-06, 2-07, 2-09)

note: :
"Galaxy 2 Galaxy is a band that was conceptualized with the first hitech Jazz record produced by UR in 1986/87 and later released in 1990 which was "Nation 2 Nation" (UR-005).
Jeff Mills and Mike Banks had visions of Jazz music and musicians operating on the same "man machine" doctrine dropped on them from Kraftwerk. Early experiments with synthesisers and jazz by artists like Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, Weather Report, Return to Forever, Larry Heard and Lenny Whites Astral Pirates also pointed them in this direction.
UR went on to produce and further innovate this form of music which was coined "Hitech Jazz" by fans after the historic 1993 release of UR's "Galaxy 2 Galaxy" (UR-025) album which included the underground UR smash titled "Hitech Jazz".

[march 27, 2016]

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  1. Beautiful. Such a great album. Was just listening to this the other day. An upgrade is nice tho' thanx. Any other UR more than appreciated.


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