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Kenny Larkin - Keys, Strings, Tambourines [2008, cd, planet e]

july 2008
lbl: Planet E
#: PLE 65303

1. Androgenous

2. Glob

3. Keys, Strings, Tambourines

4. Wake Me

5. You Are...Light

6. Drone

7. Computer Rain

8. Vibin'

9. Bass Mode (Original Mix)

10. Siren

11. Gimme

12. Cirque De Soul

13. Deja Vu

14. Wake Outro

note: "Throughout the album, Larkin peppers his elegant tech-house rhythms with jazzy keyboard fills, strings, tambourines and oddball synth blurts, making for an especially tuneful listen that doesn't skimp on the ass-shaking. Fans of Larkin's classic works will not be disappointed here, nor will those discovering his music for the first time (a likely case, considering how long he's been out of the game). Here's hoping he sticks around this time and lives up to the promise of his early career." - Todd Hutlock, RA.

pull the strings on E planet and gimme tambourine

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