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E.R.P. / Mariel Ito - Split 2 [2006, vnyl, ai records]

lbl: Ai Records
#: Ai 015
techno, detroit, electro, acid
vbr ~200kbps

a1. E.R.P. How Did We Become Like This?
a2. E.R.P. Members Lonely
a3. E.R.P. The Way We Were
b1. Mariel Ito Aproach
b2. Mariel Ito Future 2020
b3. Mariel Ito Once Upon A Creature

Producer - Gerard Hanson [Convextion], Erik Estornel [Maetrik]

note: "One vinyl, two artists, six tracks. ''Split 2'' mixes sleek Detroit techno grooves with original, inspired machine music. ERP is for fans of Basic Channel or Deep Chord. Mariel Ito aka Maetrik (Treibstoff) serves most complex, metallic and mashed-up dancefloor beats but takes things one step further with the creation of a new alter ego programmed and honed for maximum dancefloor decimation."

frogs in the fog

if you like it, support the artist and buy this music here.

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