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Pan Sonic - Kulma [1998, cd, mute]

lbl: Mute
#: 9081-2, 9081-2, 9081-2
minimal, glitch, experimental, abstract

1. Teurastamo
2. Luotain
3. Vapina
4. Puhdistus
5. Jakso
6. Murto Neste
7. Kylmä Massa
8. Hahmo
9. Aines
10. -25
11. Säätö
12. Kurnutus
13. Rutina
14. Moottori

Producer - Ilpo Väisänen , Mika Vainio

note: "Finland's premier electronic provocateurs Mika Vainio and Ilpo Vaisanen always professed admiration for the shock tactics of The KLF's Jimmy Cauty (whose ideations include the lethal "sound cannon"). With KULMA (and the preceding OSASTO EP), Pan Sonic's own inclinations towards sonic terrorism come to the forefront of the group's minimalist techno lattices. The subtle shifts and pulses of the earlier VAKIO are largely absent from the duo's second album, replaced instead by an onslaught of grating, screeching, and squealing slaughterhouse hydraulics."

who stole my fridge?!

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