środa, października 21, 2009

OVERCAST SOUND - Changeling EP [200?, file, silent season]

lbl: Silent Season
#: SS10
dub, techno

01. The Beast
02. The Pursuit

note: "OVERCAST SOUND is electronic music project formed by Michael Pettit and Jamie Drouin in 2005. Centering their compositions around the sparse arrangements of minimal techno, the repetitive chords of dub, and fragments of field recordings, OVERCAST SOUND present an intense and introspective vision of modern electronic music.
In their influential live performances, OVERCAST SOUND focuses on a fluid interaction between the two members, creating a unique performance each time by relying on improvisation and randomness within their distinct style." - Silent Season.

textured techdub for the forest people
polar bears in the mind-forest?

yea, this release is for free, i like it! enjoy freely.

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