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STL - Silent State [2009, vinyl, smallville records]

5 may 2009
lbl: Smallville Records
techno, dub

Silent State

Six In A Row

From A Distance

Producer - Stephan Laubner

note: "Is this then STL in a nutshell, as its anagrammatical title furthermore suggests? Perhaps. But in light of Laubner's unrelenting high-quality output, one would be hard-pressed to pick such a thing as a quintessential STL track. Ever since his first release on Perlon a decade ago, he's wielded a musical palette that is unique in colouring: An aesthetic of noise and dirt is the common thread to STL's meandering excursions into the old-world territories of deep house and techno. Having released the bulk of his work on his own Something imprint, it's more than noteworthy that STL has furthered his spectrum of labels with Smallville. Quite befitting for the Hamburg-based label, the new 12-inch is dubby at heart: The elegant and spacious B-side cuts "From a Distance" and "Six in a Row" may sound a bit low-key at first, but they handily overtake most of the current dub techno productions on the market these days. Essential release." - Bjørn Schaeffner.

yt preview:

sentimental lucidity

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