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Ø - Aste [2006, 2 x vinyl, sähkö recordings]

may 2006
lbl: Sähkö Recordings
#: SÄHKÖ-002.5
experimental, minimal

A1. Spiraalit
A2. Sukeltava
B1. Pakkasherra
B2. Kolmas
C1. Ionos
C2. Aaltovaihe
D1. Maan Valossa
D2. Siimes

note: "Fantastic stuff from Ø aka Mika Vainio. Unreleased material from the early 90s. This whole set is probably some of his most dancefloor material as you are likely to find.

It’s interesting that this material is only seeing the light of day well over a decade later – unquestionably this set is a statement of Vainios unique contribution to techno. This is as hypnotic and reduced in form as it gets. No padding here; this stuff is lean and built for high volumes. [...]" - oootini on Discogs.

if you like it, support the artist and buy this music here.

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