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Ripperton - Niwa [2010, 3 x vinyl, green]

1 february 2010
lbl: Green
#: GR102CD
minimal techno, dub techno, deep house
8.5 [chrysoberyl]

A. Vampire
B. Vampire Dub
A1. A Simple Thing
A2. At Peace
B1. Echocity (Vinyl Version)
B2. Farra
C1. Ecotone
C2. A Train To Nowhere (Vinyl Version)
D1. Leonor’s Lanugo (Vinyl Version)
D2. Des Promesses De Couleurs
E1. The Sandbox
E2. Solastalgia
E3. L'Ardo

producer: Raphaël Ripperton

note: "In Japanese Niwa means garden. The concept of what an album should be is really taken seriously here. With Niwa what you open your ears and emotions to isn't just another loose bundle of tracks. All the single stories, element by element, are constantly fusing together into a greater whole. This is Ripperton's world. He draws on all the influences that have journeyed with him as a passionate musician on life's long and winding road. Influences far beyond dark booming warehouse parties abound, and are just as likely to conjure up vivid images of dewy Lausanne sunsets. Folk tinged downbeat experiments peacefully co-exist with delicious jazz blueprints and sublime ambient soundscapes, sitting in harmony with deeply hypnotic house grooves." - phonomonkey.

buy it here. [15.59 €]

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