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Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts - They Only Come Out At Night [2008, vinyl, musique risquée]

19 may 2008
lbl: Musique Risquée
#: RISQUÉE 015.2
minimal, tech-house
corundum [9.0]

They Only Come Out At Night

They Only Come Out At Night (Sometimes They Come Back "Horror Inc." Remix)

producer - Guillaume Coutu Dumont

note: "[...] Entre Guillaume et Risquée to seal the year—well, financial year I suppose, given that it’s June—with the Gremlin-y They Only Come Out at Night EP (don’t feed ‘em after midnight). Guillaume’s side is strongly reminiscent of early Luciano, replete with the Latin melody and its slight melancholia – indeed, this record would find a welcome home on Cadenza. Ironically (given the title) this track is perfectly pitched for early, early mornings – it’s a sunrise track that’s ‘just Ibiza enough’ if you dig, and there’s also this really cool tension between the melody (that wants to swoon) and the drums (which really, really want to stand up and dance). [...]" - Peter Chambers, read full review.

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