środa, lutego 24, 2010

Terror Danjah - Acid / Pro Plus [2010, vinyl, hyperdub]

15 february 2010
lbl: Hyperdub
#: HDB031
uk garage, dubstep
tourmaline [7.3]

A. Acid
AA. Pro Plus

note: "Hyperdub give a nod of respect to one of the UKs most influential underground producers with two firin' tracks from Terror Danjah and DOK. If you've been paying attention to the sets of Scratcha, Butterz or Kode 9 in the last few months you've no doubt clocked the searing heat of 'Acid'. It's got to be one Danjah's hardest cuts to date, giving a firm nod to '92 'ardkore with Belgian mentasms and stupendous stop/start rhythmic force that makes a clear case for the 'nuum genetics of Steve Gurley and co being carried through to Grime's lurching rhythmic swagger." - boomkat.

buy it here. [£ 4.99]

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