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10-20 - Mountain [2010, file, highpoint lowlife]

21 february 2010
lbl: Highpoint Lowlife
#: hpll046
abstract, experimental, post-idm
topaz [8.0]

1. wercc
2. globe
3. majik
4. littoral

note: "‘Mountain’ is the third in the geologically inspired Landforms EP series by 10-20, which span an imaginary journey through the architectural and geographic ruin of near-future hyperstitional landscapes. The four tracks that comprise this EP, take the vertigo of an elevated view, the oxygen-thin climate, the affective disorder of Ballardian myth, and shape these elements through sound manipulation; Shards of sonic debris tumble past unsteady lurching rhythms, start-stop vertical chasms, and the unsteadying winds of hazy memory. From the ascendant blunted groove of ‘Wercc’, to the beatific vista of ‘globe’, from the dizzying heights of ‘majik’ to the woozy summit of ‘littoral’, these four tracks coalesce into a coherent third stage of the journey, building on the two previous episodes, ‘Island’ and ‘Lake’. The series will come to a climax with the release of the fourth episode ‘Isthmus’ due in April, a limited run physical artefact, taking the form of a blue vinyl 7″." - distributor.

buy it here. [mp3s]

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