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Holger Czukay - Rome Remains Rome And Excerpts From Der Osten Ist Rot [1987, cd, virgin]

lbl: Virgin
#: CDV 2408
krautrock, experimental
hubscale: corundum [9.0]

Rome Remains Rome
1. Hey Baba Reebop

2. Blessed Easter

3. Sudetenland

4. Hit Hit Flop Flop

5. Perfect World

6. Music In The Air

Der Osten Ist Rot
7. Der Osten Ist Rot (The East Is Red)

8. Das Massenmedium

9. The Photo Song

10. Rhonrad

11. Michy

12. Esperanto Socialiste

13. Traum Mal Wieder

note: "The hypnotic rhythms, the textures, the "world music" ingredients, the evocative, dream-like quality of his work. A perfect example is the remarkable "Sudetenland", which features Balkan female choral vocals over trance-inducing Middle-Eastern percussion. Beautiful stuff."

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  1. thank you for posting this. I've been wanting to hear it for a long time. Holger Czukay may not be as famous to the public at large as his stature warrants, but he's so far ahead of damn near everyone musically (even Eno) that it really incredible.


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