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Christian Löffler - Raise EP [2010, vinyl, c.sides]

15 february 2010
lbl: c.sides
#: 006
minimal techno, deep house
chrysoberyl [8.5]

01. Cord
02. Glare
03. Raise
04. Core

note: "Christian Löffler's 'Raise EP' is one of the most stunning pieces of recorded electronic 
music- at least that's what Glitterbug and the rest of c.sides thought when the demo was 
first played back in their Cologne studio, and they have been in love ever since. Christian 
Löffler has this magic touch to whatever he does, both as an audio and visual artist. The 
clarity and intensity of his work, in addition to the analogue warmth that his music 
contains, is unmatched. Played back loud, this seemingly calm EP turns into a dense club 
stormer, of the most explosive and unexpected kind. Hurray, an EP & an artist perfect for 
the c.sides imprint!!! 
The 'Raise EP' opens with 'Cord', containing Löffler's deep round signature sound, bringing 
up a pumping deep bass with an elevating exalting slightly broken analogue polyphonic 
synthesizers, a pad intertwined with a warm hiss and hum, extending between melancholic 
and exhilarated, full and thriving, moving and utopic. A track that will take you by the 
hand with a warm, tight grip until the very last second. 
'Glare', a track soft as a floating feather yet repetitive and hypnotic, harbors an 
untouchable resonance, beautiful chords, melody miniatures, a bouncing bass drum and 
percussion work that simply defies gravity. 
'Raise', the EP's shining star is more of a shooting meteor, lighting up the sky. It's the 
sound of coming home, a familiar melody like a childhood memory stirring deep emotions 
of unforgettable moments: wind blowing in the hair, running under the moonlight, falling 
into a star sprinkled sky. But don't be mislead: this track is a prime-time rave monster- 
but not one of the obvious kinds... just the way they like it at c.sides! 
The EP closes with 'Core', an ambient miniature, which like its title, digs deeper and 
deeper into the center, into the depths of the nucleus, until reaching the essence of the 
heart. Every good EP should make you cry with its last track. 
" - Kompakt.fm.

buy it here. [7,80 €]

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