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Omar-S - Plesetsk Cosmodrome [2010, vinyl, FXHE]

8 february 2010
lbl: FXHE
#: AOS432R
detroit techno, electro
tourmaline [7.3]

1. Kosmos [1402]
2. Plesetsk Cosmodrome
3. Skynet 2B

producer: Alex "Omar" Smith

note: "A mechanical, lo-fi funk manifests itself into his productions, with crunching hi-hats and chugging, rumbling kicks making for some pretty alien yet strangely warming sounds. "Kosmos 1402" has a sound bed of 303's and droning synth sounds. A rattling, relentless hi-hat hook repeats over and over while waves of electronic goodness cascade over your ears, sounding a bit like a war-march for invading aliens. "Plesetsk" harks back to Smith's dark, brooding minimal sound. A straight-up 4/4 kick / hi-hat pattern underpins some enveloping synth squelches and eerie, metallic sound-scapes to create an atmospheric track which conjures up images of space stations and super novas. "Skynet 2 B" finishes off the twelve and is a short, soulful, piano-led house number with emotive chords, dreamy textures and it's Larry Heard influence worn firmly on it's sleeve."

old fellow in the sky

buy it here. [12", £7.99]

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  1. thank you! great post from a great artist. chur.

  2. love " kosmos " love Omar-S
    ...thank !

    (douzi28.05.70 -


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