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Ation - Lovers Dub / Love For The Heads [2010, vinyl, abucs]

BlueSky by Alexius

30 january 2010
lbl: Abucs
#: ABUCS006
hubscale: beryl [7.8]

1. Lovers Dub
02. Love For The Heads

note: "
Scuba revives his Abucs imprint for a terrific installment from some unknown fella named Ation. On the A-side 'Lovers Dub' lifts the classic lyrics from soul staple 'Love and Happiness', deftly weaving them into a deliciously sparse 2-step riddim flecked with insectoid rhythmic skips and metallic technoid stabs. 'Love For The Heads' on the flipside may be the one that gives the game away however, sounding like vintage Abucs releases of old with a skeletal rhythmic construction superbly updated with fragments of tech-step breaks and blue jazzed riffage. Ok, so it may be Scuba himself working incognito (we really haven't a clue)."

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