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Ursula Bogner - Recordings 1969-1988 [2008, cd, faitiche]

24 october 2008
lbl: Faitiche
#: faitiche 01cd
abstract, exerimental
hubscale: chrysoberyl [8.5]

1. Begleitung Für Tuba
2. Inversion
3. Proto
4. Metazoon
5. Momentaufnahme
6. 2 Ton
7. Speichen
8. Modes
9. Atmosphäre 1
10. Punkte
11. Expansion
12. Für Ulrich
13. Pulsation
14. Testlauf
15. Soloresonanzen

Ursula Bogner - Jan Jelinek

note: "Were it not for a chance meeting between two men on a airplane, more likely than not Ursula Bogner's entire musical oeuvre would have remained forever unheard. One of these men was Jan Jelinek while the other was Sebastian Bogner (Ursula's son), who through the course of some small talk and general chit chat revealed that his mother had spent 20 years dabbling in experimental electronic music unbeknownst to the rest of civilization."

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