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Rolando - Hiatus EP [2008, vinyl, delsin]

15 october 2008
lbl: Delsin
#: 73dsr/rld1
deep house, dub techno
hubscale: topaz [8.0]

A. Where Were You? (Original Mix)
B. Where Were You? (Dub Mix)

producer - Roland R. Rocha aka Aztec Mystic

note: "[...] It doesn't seem like Rolando has lost a step production-wise either, as "Where Were You?" picks up right where he left off. Fusing silky-smooth Detroit synths with Latin-influenced rhythms, Rolando kicks in the beat in earnest at the two-minute mark and never looks back, as a mere whisper of a riff creates more texture than a melody and the percussion drives along to keep you from noticing. The Dub mix on the flip shows that Rolando has learned a new trick or two during his time away, as a healthy infusion of echo effects and an increased sense of space propel the track into more cosmic territory, taking the Detroit synths of the original and making a hard right toward Berlin. Rolando shows here that he is still a producer capable of great things; the only question is how long he'll stick around this time." - Todd Hutlock.

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