środa, grudnia 23, 2009

Blue Daisy - Space Ex [2009, vinyl, black acre]

july 2009
lbl: Black Acre
#: ACRE013
electronic, hip-hop
dubstep, wonky, hip-hop
mohs hubscale: boron

Space Ex

Featuring - LaNote
The Fall

note: "This is the very impressive debut release from one of London's best kept secrets, Blue Daisy. There's been a massive buzz about these two incredible tracks which sound uncannilylike the sublime offspring of Flylo and Burial. 'Space Ex' - featuring treated vocals from LaNote - is the soul-stunning A-side that sounds like the work of a hugely experienced producer, but if this really is a debut release then we'd recommend keeping a very close eye. It basically sounds like Flylo's 'Tealeaf Dancers' but with an instantly gratifying vocal that you'd normally associate with someone like Various Production in this context. The track breathes heavily with a beautifully subtle inhale/exhale compression technique lending a hazy balance of pressure undulating between spacious atmospheres and overcast tempestuousness until the fronts meet to precipitates a piquant Kraftwerkian melody. 'The Fall' on the flip is a purely instrumental cut, shorn of vocals to reveal the full majesty of Blue Daisy's production, sounding here like a garage/house hybrid rhythm that's been left in the midday sun to wither and wilt and then played from a carnival soundsystem three streets away. We're slightly baffled as to how this came through on Black Acre, a label usually associated with balls-out breakstep and murky plodders but all respect to them for bringing Blue Daisy to the attention of the wider world."

yt preview:

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