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Exmagma - Exmagma & Goldball [1973-4, 2 x lp]

lbl: Neusi Records, Urus Records
electronic, jazz, rock
krautrock, fusion, free improvisation, space rock, avant-garde, psychedelic rock

From Exmagma album (1973):
01.The First Tune (7:37)
02.Tönjès Dream Interruption (4:17)
03.Interessante Olè (2:50)
04.Two Times (2:25)
05.Trippin With Birds / Kudu / Horny (18:48)

From Goldball album (1974):
06.Marilyn F. Kennedy (2:30)
07.Dada (3:36)
08.Adventures With Long S.tea (2:53)
09.25 Two Seconds Before Sunrise (4:53)
10.Groove Tango Wolperaiso (2:35)
11.Jam Factory For People Insane (4:04)
12.Habits (5:57)
13.Dance Of The Crabs (0:53)
14.Greetings To The Maroccan Farmers (6:36)
15.Last But One Train To Amsterdam (0:56)

*Thomas Balluff / organ, electric piano, clavinett-c effects
*Fred Braceful / sonor drums, percussion extraordinaire
*Andy Goldner / fretless electric bass, electric guitar, alto sax, tape recorder

note: "If you love krautrock dementia and jazz rock fusion eccentries these albums are for you.

Exmagma is a captivating german rock collective that published only two albums in their entire career but believe me all their compositions are highly inspired, catchy, playful and cearly accomplished in term of technical skills.

These albums delivering an impressive free form jazzy rock with lot of energy and an immense feeling for improvisation.

The 1973 eponymous debut album is an outstanding example of experimental jazz-rock with a high degree of psychedelic heat and a lucid progressive-oriented awareness."

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