wtorek, grudnia 01, 2009

Pub - Summer [2000, cd, vertical form]


lbl: Vertical Form
abstract, dub, minimal, ambient, techno

Summer (Original)
Summer (They Can't See Us In The Dark) (Delay Configuration 1)
Summer (Arovane AMX 1)
Summer (Nick Rapaccioli Remake)
Summer (Later In The Dark) (Delay Configuration 2)
Summer (Arovane AMX 4)

note: "If you are at all familiar with the dope/dubby minimal techno of BASIC CHANNEL or RHYTHM AND SOUND, then you'll know what to expect on this PUB release. It actually feels more like an album than a remix CD. After all, the first track is over 16 minutes, the 2nd over 18, and the whole CD clocks a bit over 60 minutes. Track one, the "original" mix reminds me of HALLUCINATOR or FLUXION with the ambient soothing flavor. Then a little edge and heavy low frequency bass is added in the "Delay Configuration" tracks (2 & 5) offering a great variety to the work. My personal favorite, however, is the Nick Rapaccioli remake, which sings Rhythm and Sound right from the get go. Surprisingly, the percussion brings the tempo a bit quicker than expected, but works and does not draw away from the soothing dubby piece. This is an incredible CD that can live in your CD player for quite some time without feeling like many other 'remix' CDs that would not have a lasting effect." - alternating_bit.

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