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Eskmo - Agnus Dei / Harmony [2009, file, ancestor]

Return to Hades by Simon Noynay

26 january 2009
lbl: Ancestor
#: ANC002
dubstep, wonky
mohs hubscale: topaz

Agnus Dei

producer - Brendan Angelides

note: 'A pleasantly weird, experimental hybrid of dubstep IDM and contorted new age atmospherics, 'Agnus Dei' is a strange beast, but that distorted bassline keeps the production focused. 'Harmony' on the B-side is pinned together by an impressively sloppy drum beat and some well assembled digital debris.'

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  2. this is a monumental task you've given yourself, for the virus has not only proliferated at brain numbing rates over the past few decades, it has in countless instances been diluted by cheap and substandard strands. so to pick out crucial or at least above average pieces from the wide spectrum of mostly rubbish floating by on a daily basis is not easy... respect for this blog and bigup to the author.


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