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Markus Guentner - Doppelgeanger [2009, cd, sending orbs]

29 november 2009
lbl: Sending Orbs
#: SO 012
ambient, minimal
mohs hubscale: chromium

1. Angelpunkt
2. Das Haus Steht Leer
3. Doppelgaenger
4. Flimmerfrequenz
5. Dreiglanz
6. Asphaltwiese
7. Meer Der Luegen
8. Niederwald
9. Toter Hafen

note: "Guentner is mostly known for his techno work on the Kompakt label, but what he has done for us here is nothing alike. "Doppelgaenger" is like a field-trip into minimal ambientland. Once you've dove into it, there's neither a beginning nor an end, there are just these endless waves of pads, synth figures and drones that sit in your brain and watch you closely while your mind wanders off.

Think Yagya or Gas in terms of hypnotic. Think a musical veteran that masters every aspect of the job in terms of productional value.

No, this is not the new, dense, clubsmashing dubstep monster out there; this here is musical gold that isn't trying to please, but will prove itself in the long run for the ears that are willing to take the time to think out of the box. We think this is an album you'll be coming home to, over and over again."

that carp! hurry up!

buy it here.

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