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Zu - Igneo [2005, cd, frenetic records]

lbl: Frenetic Records
#: FR024
rock, jazz
free-improv, free jazz, punk, grindcore, math rock, avant-garde
mohs hubscale: carborundum

1. The Elusive Character Of Victory

2. Solar Anus

3. Eli, Eli, Elu

4. Arbol De La Esperanza Mantente Firme

5. Monte Zu

6. Untitled Samba For Kat Ex

7. Muro Torto

8. Tikkun Olam

9. Mar Glaciale Artico

Cello - Fred Lomberg-Holm
Mixed By - Steve Albini
Recorded By - Steve Albini
Saxophone - Ken Vandermark
Trombone - Jeb Bishop

note: "
Zu are an Italian sax-bass-drums trio that consistently push the boundaries of jazz, often by liberally injecting aggressive doses of other musical genres into the mix: noise, electronics, punk, hip-hop, funk and more. On Igneo, the "punk-jazz" descriptor (which is often glibly applied to, say, a good bit of John Zorn's work) is apt, as the trio blaze through nine mostly short, hyperactive, spiky compositions." - ground and sky.

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