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Planetary Assault Systems - Temporary Suspension [2009, cd, ostgut tonträger]

22 june 2009
lbl: Ostgut Tonträger

1. Open Up
2. Whoodoo
3. Om The Def
4. Hold It
5. Enter Action
6. X Speaks To X
7. Attack Of The Mutant Camels
8. Temporary Suspension
9. Gateway To Minia
10. Sticker Men

Producer - Luke Slater

note: "Mixed live by Slater, Temporary Suspension seems to speed by faster than a Japanese bullet train on first listen, but on closer inspection the subtleties and attention to detail of each track become apparent. To quote a description of an early Ostgut release, “noise is the rave signal” here, but there is also the clear craftmanship you would expect from such an experienced operator. “Hold It” is brutal, clipped funk born out of nothing more than a truncated acid squiggle, while “Whoodoo” batters “game over” bleeps into submission. “Enter Action” and “X Speaks To X” are the most explicitly “rave,” both punishingly hard without falling into the trap of hollow bombast.

It’s a shame the sequencing of the album lets it down a little. Building sharply to album highlight “X Speaks To X” (a 21st century “Mentasm”?!), it then drops off towards the end. Title track and lead single “Temporary Suspension” is a powerful tension-builder in the right hands, but here it leads into the most subdued moment, the almost wistful “Gateway To Minia.” The tail doesn’t wag so much as lash out, however, with the closer “Sticker Man,” a harsh and industrial reminder that if rave does strike back, then Planetary Assault Systems will lead the offensive." - Little White Earbuds.

plumbicon camels are rising in revolt

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