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Silent Servant - Negative Fascinations [2009, vinyl, sandwell district]

3 august 2009
lbl: Sandwell District
#: SD15
techno, minimal, dub
mohs hubscale: tourmaline



producer - John Mendez

note: "Maybe Silent Servant (aka John Mendez) has been at the coloured sweeties and fizzy pop, as the two tracks for 'Negative fascinations' are decidedly more upbeat than offerings on his previous three Sandwell District releases, or indeed his own Historia y Violencia label. That's not to say that they are exactly cheery though - the string-like drones of 'Discipline' will doubtless send a shiver up the spine of many a raver - but 'Demonstration' certainly ups the tempo by a notch or two compared to the much deeper flavours that we have become accustomed to."

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