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Cluster - Zuckerzeit [1974, vinyl, brain]

lbl: Brain
#: BRAIN 1065
electronic, rock
krautrock, psychedelic, candy
mohs hubscale: chromium

A1. Hollywood
A2. Caramel
A3. Rote Riki
A4. Rosa
A5. Caramba
B1. Fotschi Tong
B2. James
B3 Marzipan
B4. Rotor
B5. Heiße Lippen

producer - Cluster , Michael Rother
Moebius (tracks: A2, A3, B1, B3, B5) , Roedelius (tracks: A1, A4, B2, B4, B6)

note: "musically speaking, 'zuckerzeit' brought about a radically new era for the two electronic pioneers hans-joachim roedelius and dieter moebius: by using an analogue rhythm machine, triggered synthesizers and harmonious patterns, they created the basis for amazingly imaginative and lively melody lines. the sound miniatures were free from the 'teutonic heaviness' that was so fashionable at the time. something that was just as unusual for this era was that the songs never exceeded six minutes. even 30 years after its first release, 'zuckerzeit' could be a bright musical chapter in the latest issue of the imaginary manual 'the rules of thumb for electronic music'. "

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