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Instra:Mental / Breakage - Futurist / Late Night [2009, vinyl, [nakedlunch]]

19 january 2009
lbl: [NakedLunch]
#: NL002
mohs hubscale: topaz

Instra:Mental - Futurist
Breakage - Late Night

note: "Instra:Mental and Breakage have both furrowed an incredibly fruitful path between the connected but often misaligned worlds of dubstep and drum & bass, with Instra:mental developing the stripped rhythmic genius of vintage Photek, and Breakage applying luxurious and menacing low-end weight to a deeply textured and evocative percussive template. Naked Lunch not only manage to bring the two together for a split 10" of truly exhilarating proportions, but also somehow coax some of the finest material we've heard yet from both sides. Instra:Mental takes charge of the A and deploys a more textured arrangement than anything we've heard from him to date, the percussive line borrowing much from Shackleton's signature Arabian slant but with the chords channelling a warm, widescreen element you'd more readily associate with classic Detroit Techno. It's simple, deeply effective stuff. Breakage rises to the occasion with a flipside cut doused in atmosphere, almost melancholy, tubular keys delivering the central hook while a Martyn-style shuffle provides the requisite propulsion." -mick667.

yt preview:

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