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Delta Funktionen - Silhouette EP [2008, vinyl, ann aimee]

november 2008
lbl: Ann Aimee
#: annXXX

A. Markus Enochson & The Subliminal Kid -
That's A Lot Of Bait (Delta Funktionen's Daily Funk Mix)

B. Delta Funktionen - Silhouette

producer - Niels Luinenburg

note: "After Marcus Enochsen & Subliminal Kid's killer club treatment on the 'Schmuts EP' last month, Ann Aimee returns with a limited and anonymous looking 12" inscribed with the catalogue number annXXX, and loaded with an alternate version of Delta Funktionen's remix of Enochsen & Subliminal Kid's 'That's a lot of Bait' this time titled the 'Daily Funk remix' and catering exactly for the sort of floors Dettmann, Faki or Ben Klock rule every weekend with an order of heavy 4/4s with a mean upbuilding vibe. 'Silhouette' on the flip is even darker and yet more effective, rippling with teasing minimal techno synthlines of the Rob Hood variety and rolling along on a tough technohouse bassline to keep your floor percolating like a good 'un."

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