czwartek, grudnia 24, 2009

Greena - Tenzado [2009, vinyl, apple pips]

21 december 2009
lbl: Apple Pips
#: PIPS010
mohs hubscale: boron

Actual Pain

note: "Apple Pips come out of nowhere with their latest release from newcomer to the scene Greena, who drops two heavy slabs of UK garage / house-influenced dubstep / UK funky shizzle. Pips head honcho Appleblim says that "Tenzado" is one of the freshest tunes he's heard for a while. It features slick vocal hooks and smooth bass lines sounding like a cross between Cooly G, El-B and the 8-bit vibes of Zomby. "Actual Pain" flexes percussive beats and some sine wave synth efx for a Ramadanman style vibe."

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