wtorek, kwietnia 13, 2010

Stewart Walker - Scratched Notes [2010, vinyl, curle recordings]

29 march 2010
lbl: Curle Recordings
#: CURLE 026
minimal techno, deep house, tech-house
topaz [8.0]

A1.  Scratched Notes 
A2.  Shipwrecked 
B.   Particular People 
total time: 23:44

note: "We're jumping straight from Curle 024 to Curle 026 because number 025 will be a special label compilation - more about that soon! We have the honour to present the first Curle from Stewart Walker, a longtime hero of ours. He started his career on the mythical Detroit label Matrix, did some stuff for Force Inc, Tresor, Mille Plateaux and Minus, before founding the amazing Persona imprint. Since then he has done very few releases on other labels, so we are very proud about this one. All three tracks on this EP live and breathe the deep melodic minimal sound Stewart Walker got known for, but - without wanting to brag too much - we really believe 'Scratched Notes' is among the very best music he has ever released. We hope you like it as much as we do!" - distributor.


buy it here. 
[Rush Hour Store, €9.50]

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