piątek, kwietnia 16, 2010

Jose James - Warrior [2010, vinyl, brownswood recordings]

12 april 2010
lbl: Brownswood Recordings
#: BWOOD048
dubstep, 2-step
topaz [8.0]

A1. Warrior (Sbtrkt Remix)
A2. Warrior (Jus Wan Remix)
B.   Warrior (Rockwell Remix)

total time: 16:39

Bass - Chris Smith
Drums - Richard Spaven 
Piano - Gideon Van Gelder 
Vocals - Jose James

note: "Not sure you’re ready for these but we’ve just approved the TPs (test pressings) so they’re on the way! The original version of WARRIOR is taken from Jose’s album BLACKMAGIC – it’s a cover of the Benga anthem ‘Emotions’, reworked by Jose’s band in the studio. Taking it back to the club, we recruited the much hyped mysterious masked man Sbtrkt, dub garage maestro Jus Wan and the exceptionally talented D&B producer Rockwell (whom you will definitely be hearing a whole lot more from in 2010) on remix duties. They all killed it. Coming to your local friendly record shop on a crisp 12″ (or online digital store) on 12th April 2010."


buy it here.
[£5.99, Boomkat]

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