piątek, kwietnia 30, 2010

Skudge - Melodrama / Ontic [2010, vinyl, skudge records]

22 april 2010
#: SKUDGE002
dub techno, techno, house
silicon [7.0]

A. Melodrama
B. Ontic
total: 14:42

note: "Leading on from their wave-making 'Convolution' 12", the Swedish duo present a KILLER second Skudge pressing. 'Melodrama' puts their well rounded sound in the spotlight again, delivering peak time functions for those who like it deep, long and well developed. Their fudgy bass provides a springy surface for sheared hi-hats while a filtered female vocal keeps gives a handsome melodic feature to latch onto and drive us to the brink. With 'Ontic' on the flip they cruise a bruising side of Berlin stalker techno, taking Chicago drum patterns and trimming them for European sensibilities, meaning polite but deadly purposeful claps and sub-padded kicks like velvet coated boulders that'll make your teef rattle on a decent rig. It's simply a must for fans of Dettmann & Klock or the Fachwerk crew - don't miss!" - Boomkat.


buy it here. 
[Phonica Records, £ 7.99]

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