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Deadboy - If You Want Me [2010, vinyl, numbers]

april 2010
lbl: Numbers
uk-garage, dubstep
topaz [8.0]

A. If You Want Me
total time: 5:26

note: "After announcing that their Wireblock, Dress2Sweat and Stuffrecords imprints were to merge late last year, Glasgow's Numbers collective are now ready to set sail with their inaugural release. Can you blame them for bursting out of the blocks with what has been one of the most hyped tracks that has graced the dance floors of dubstep and funky nights over the past year? Martyn, Kode9, Ben UFO, Ikonika and Modeselektor (who used "If U Want Me" as the opening cut on their RA podcast) are just a handful of the DJs who've made sure that it's already ingrained into my conscience, and not without good reason. Whether it's the slinky 2-step bass, the looped female vocal or the whiney, pitch-bent synth that gets transformed throughout, London's Deadboy has made sure to include plenty of hooks, and while they may be fairly simple, it's the way that he makes them work together that really makes the track special.

While this may be a house track, it's unlikely to cross over into the boxes of more conventional house and techno jocks due to its percussive groundings in UK garage and funky. Saying that, if you like your swung beats and are looking for an anthem that is almost guaranteed to get the female contingent of the crowd going, "If U Want Me" might just be right for you. Whether Sasha will do a "Hyph Mngo" and play it at his next mega-rave remains to be seen, but Numbers' one-sided vinyl release should make sure that the track gets plenty more play outside of the inner circle of DJs that helped to popularise it. With future releases from Lazer Sword, Kavsrave and Redinho already lined-up, it looks like we'll have plenty more to look forward to from Numbers during the remaining months of 2010." - Richard Carnes, RA. take a look on review.


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