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Claudio PRC - Vacuum Substance EP [2010, vinyl, prologue]

18 february 2010
lbl: Prologue
#: PRGDIG004
beryl [7.8]

1. Empty Circle
2. Frozen Square
3. Hidden Shape
4. Last Corner

note: "Prologue Records is one of our favorite labels at Beatport. The ability to merge deep, conceptual techno with a floor ready groove has really caused us to take notice. Artists like Cio D’or, Donato Dozzy and shooting star Claudio PRC have all supplied unbelievable thoughtful techno cuts on a regular basis. The latest release is from Claudio, and comes is his second release for the label. This EP is a bomb, plain and simple. All tracks are clear in sound and made with absolutely creative underground techno idealisms. Perfect for the deeper moments in the night, or when you just want to get the dancefloor to tap into their minds a bit more than simply shaking their rumps. This is straight forward underground techno which we can’t seem to get enough of. The entire release is highly recommended." - beatport.


buy it here. [Zero-Inch, 3,95 €]

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