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Cardopusher - Schematic Blocks [2010, vinyl, on the edge]

february 2010
lbl: On The Edge
#: OTE010
chrysoberyl [8.5]

A Schematic Blocks
B1 It's Yesterday Already
B2 Taken For A Ride
total time: 16:03

producer: Luis Garbàn

note: "Cardopusher delivers one of his better releases for On The Edge with three tracks of deeper dubstep electronica. The most impressive is 'Schematic Blocks', using droning synth pads and clipped garage rhythms to create a lush atmosphere reminding of Synkro on valium, while 'It's Yesterday Already' drops the tempo and ups the groove to a 130bpm garage drift before the ethereal 'Taken For A Ride' reminds of Narcossist or Indigo's take on dub-techy steppers. Lovely stuff." - boomkat.

yt preview:


buy it here. [Chemical Records, £5.99]

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