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Still Going - Still Going Theme [2007, vinyl, dfa]

18 september 2007
lbl: DFA
#: dfa2179
deep house, disco
topaz [8.0]

A. Still Going Theme  
B. On And On

Eric Duncan  & Olivier Spencer

note: "'Still Going Theme' is clearly pushing James Murphy's buttons right now. He's signed it to DFA Records and made it the centrepiece of his and LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat Mahoney's recent Fabric compilation. In the mix with what Mahoney calls the "gay-ass disco" of 'Fabriclive 36', this dreamy track from Rub-N-Tug's Eric Duncan and Olivier Spencer (Mr. Negative) shines through.

The sassy piano line of 'Still Going Theme' makes it utterly irresistible. It's the kind of big hook that would inspire dancefloor singalongs, if everyone could wipe the big stupid grins from their faces for a minute. The carefree keys belie the depth of the track, which is anchored by a deep dubbed-out bass and swirling with trancelike synths. It all swells into a swooning Balearic epic. Ultimately, however, the sheer catchiness of ‘Still Going Theme’ may keep it from attaining the classic status of Joakim’s remix of ‘Camino del Sol’. Disco and deep house DJs bent on reliving their summers are warned: this one has your name on it, but don’t wear it out.

B-side ‘On and On’ recycles the same sounds over a progressive groove to create the kind of driving melodic builder that will warm through sets by the likes of Desyn Maseillo and Nick Warren. The similarities between this and ‘…Theme’ suggest that Still Going may turn out to be a one trick pony. But for now, what a trick!" - James Glazebrook, RA.


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  1. I love blogs that do not simply post new material and subscribe to consumerist ideology and the myth of progess which makes the new somehow intrinsically of more value than the old and somehow more developed and cutting edge...All the Still Going records still sound as fresh as the day they were born....I am sure you will already have it but just in case not, I highly recommend the 'Crystal Ark' release 'City Never Sleeps' on DFA records, more than worth a listen!!!

    PS> I noticed you are on Mymodern blogspot, how do you get an invitation to join as over the last year or two it seems quite a few of the releases I really enjoy have their origins on that blog?

  2. thx!
    "I noticed you are on Mymodern blogspot" - hmm, i don't have access :)


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