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Take - Only Mountain [2010, file, alpha pup]

april 2010
lbl: Alpha Pup
#: APR-028
wonky, dubstep, hip-hop
tourmaline [7.3]

1. Before You Think
2. Neon Beams
3. Horizontal Figuration
4. Crystallia
5. Don't Look Now
6. Quartz for Amber
7. If We Don't All Go Insane
8. Begin End Begin
9. Incredibright
10. Creosote (feat. As Is)
11. Paper Garden
12. Implosions
13. Juniper

note: "LA's Alpha Pup label continues to dominate the leftfield beat world with a top class LP from Take. His style has become established alongside figures like Ras G, Onra or Nosaj Thing of late with a blend of electro-leaning synthlines and lop-sided beats nudged with that sun-drenched LA flavour. You know the sort of stuff that makes you dance like a spaceman in slow motion? 'Only Mountain' collects 13 variations on this theme, keeping the vibes pressure-crushed and smudgy for psychedelic effect, at times like 'Horizontal Figuration' or the remake of Bullion's 'Payroll' remix flicking the anti-gravity button for a gorgeously heady effect or on 'Quartz For Amber' dropping more terrestrial sub bumps and android dream-sequences to keep us anchored. This is really delicious album for fans of Illum Sphere, the whole Beat Dimensions lot and that plugged-in electro-soul dream arena. "


buy it here. [file, Boomkat]

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  1. You post 320kbps quality...how do u want artists to get anything..u think people will buy it after get that for free...You're not helping or promoting anything or anyone here

    Take LP promotion is on every websites since months he even gave 2 tracks for free...

    You're not helping at all


  2. i don't think at all, i'm an idiot :)

  3. I'd like to back hubba up on this.

    I would never have been to exposed to so many of these artists without this blog. And at least once every couple of weeks I pick up some vinyl from the record store of the stuff that I REALLY liked. I'd have never ended up supporting these artists without giving them a proper trial at 320 on my mixing software or whatever. For the artists that I just download and do not buy? It is probably for a reason. I won't support an artist that I am not that interested in, so the mp3s will probably be deleted / sit on my HD unplayed anyways.

  4. This Take album, however, I really like. =D

    'Paper Garden' is a good one.

  5. I only buy on vinyl what I hear from blogs like this one first. Sometimes I really buy it because I'm in love with it, other times I kinda like it but the ALBUM ART IS SICK, so I buy it.

    Blogs like this expose artist to a wider audience. Which means more people coming to your shows. I think that's the way it should be, real fans who really like your record enough to buy vinyl, who come out to support your shows from all over the planet.


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