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Pursuit Gooves - Fox Trot Mannerisms [2010, cd, tectonic]

5 april 2010
lbl: Tectonic
#: TECCD008
electronic, hip-hop
dubstep, trip-step, hip-hop, trip-hop
topaz [8.0]

1 Pressure
2 Start Somethin'
3 Mr Softee
4 Shabaps
5 Whisper
6 Tweezers
7 Cozy

producer: V. Smith

note: "Hyper-healthy astro-hiphop grooves from Brooklyn's Pursuit Grooves landing quite unexpectedly on Tectonic. It's a brave departure for a label that's solely associated with dubstep but one that pays off in incredible style with seven tracks of unheard styles akin to Pattie Blingh plugging into Fly Lo's Sendai and setting her vectors for Sun Ra's space temple in sector 17. Her lyrics commendably deal with conscious issues but to be honest we're pretty distracted by her intuitively spiraling space grooves to give them our full attention. From the stooped hiphop swing of 'Pressure' to the decaying astro-step rhythms and slivers of Moog on 'Mr Softee' through to the ultra-modern disco of 'Shabaps' or the lucid juke-boogie dreams of 'Whisper' Vanese Smith is giving us the future on a plate and we're hungry as f*ck. 'Fox Trot Mannerisms' is quite a stunning collection that should take a few minutes to settle in, but a few months to really get a grip on. Recommended to fans of owt from Toro Y Moi to Ras G and back again - very very good indeed." - Mundo Urbano.



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