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Tazz - Acid Love [2010, vinyl, underground quality]

4 march 2010
lbl: Underground Quality
#: UQ-026
deep house, acid house
silicon [7.0]

A1. Tazz Feat. Bacanito  - Acid Love
A2. Tazz Feat. Bacanito  - Underground 11
B. Jus-Ed  - Ambeant 41 (Remake By Jus-Ed)

note: "KILLER Connecticut house music from Tazz backed with a Jus-Ed remix on Underground Quality. 'Acid Love' kicks with the usual intense strength of a UQ track, rubbing 303-bass deep into the groove while crystal clear hi-hats and percussion merge witht he keys from Bacanito to sparkling effect. Better yet is 'Underground 11' easing up on the low-end acid but making up with dope deep-techno chords, while Jus-Ed remakes 'Ambeant 41' on the flip in that ruggedly deep, driving and tracky style that he's made his own these days. So good..." - boomkat.


buy it here. [BM-Soho, £7.65]

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  1. Heard a couple of these tracks on the Underground Quality radio show, great release!


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