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Andrea - You Still Got Me / Got To Forget [2010, vinyl, daphne]

april 2010
lbl: Daphne
#: DAPHNE005
dubstep, rave, breakbeat
hornblende [5.5]

A. You Still Got Me
B. Got To Forget

producer: Andy Stott

note: "The fifth transmission from Daphne finds Andrea heading out on her own for the first time after a trio of twelves as one half of Millie and Andrea. ‘You Still Got Me’ plays on Andrea’s love of classic rave structures, squaring off with rugged hardcore edits and low-end rumbles offset by that big House vocal and blue strings that somehow imbue the whole thing with a reflective colour. “Got To Forget” on the flip is a more haunted affair, unraveling around a ghostly vocal and dismembered percussive sequence that eventually open up to display a whole array of twilight keys and the warmest, most padded bassline imaginable." - distributor.


buy it here.

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