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Ben Klock - Czeslawa [2007, vinyl, onstgut tonträger]

1 february 2007
lbl: Ostgut Tonträger
#: o-ton05
techno, minimal
mohs hubscale: carborundum


note: "Chalk this one up to the album art catching your eye before you even hear a note of music. I picked up Ben Klock’s “Czeslawa” 12” (b-side “Warszawa”) solely based on its Sailor Jerry-esque cover art which reminded me of the “Rose of No Man’s Land” tattoo. The tattoo’s roots lie in a 1918 song by James A. Brennan song called the “Rose of No Mans Land,” which paid tribute to the nurses of World War I.

Ben Klock’s “Czeslawa,” was recorded specifically for his sets at Berlin’s decadent Berghain techno club – it’s minimal, yet heavy techno with deep thumping bass and a catchy hook that will leave you hypnotized on the dancefloor. “Euphoria with a rough bass” as one press clipping described." - FrictionNYC.

yt preview:

how to fall in love with warsaw

buy it here.

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