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Emptyset - Isokon EP [2007, vinyl, future days]

17 september 2007
lbl: Future Days
#: DAY4
experimental, techno
hubscale: boron [9.5]

A1. Isokon

B1. Seclusion

Emptyset - James Ginzburg & Paul Purgas

note: "The bleep-techno fashioned by the Sahko imprint and re-ignited by Sleeparchive a couple of years back has lost much of the momentum it had last year, with the sound seemingly falling out of favour with the big name DJ's who flirted with it a good 18 months or so ago. Emptyset might well cause many of them to rethink their selections, "Isokon" offering up an exceptional blend of bleep aesthetics and warm basslines that are testament to Emptyset's open minded credentials. It's a largely looped number, with the burning embers of cinematic strings accompanying proceedings for much of their duration. The result is a widescreen reduction that oozes warmth and familiarity despite the threadbare construction, a masterful self-assurance allowing the track to avoid stylistic conceits and disruptions lesser producers might have felt compelled to engage. "Seclusion" on the flip is much more full-bodied, revolving around a machine-like percussive chug and a colossal bassline, those of you patiently waiting for the much heralded techno/dubstep crossover to fulfil its promise will want to investigate further without delay, it's a low-end beast of immense, towering proportions." - info from Boomkat.

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