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Kassem Mosse - Workshop 08 [2009, vinyl, workshop]

may 2009
lbl: Workshop
house, techno
hubscale: corundum [9.0]

A. Untitled

B1. Untitled

B2. Untitled

Kassem Mosse - Gunnar Wendel

note: "A new Workshop is always nice, the high quality label pushes the borders of a sound that attracts many kinds of DJ’s, but also maintains a feeling of a undescribable emotion.

The A side reminds me of long lost memories from Super Mario 64 (that underwater level), combined with eternal house rhythms and percussion – the streaming melody is combined with Mosse’s unmistakable bleeping synth stabs that always seem to fit the rest of the elements in his tracks. The pace is slow, but at the same time powerful enough to disembark the next track into a faster tempo.

B1 is based around a sample from Marcel Dettmann, combined with a new structural approach with weird dissonant tones that swirls around the ancient drum-like percussion and melody. The tribal vibe is there, but it’s reduced to such small hints, that it’s leaning towards a more raw edge. Excellent track.

The B2 is more mellow, but also more melancholic. A constant warmth of a low pitched synth melody fills the spectrum with unbelievable depth and stands as a concrete base for the percussion and that special house groove." - The Futurist.

dazed on the streets

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