czwartek, stycznia 28, 2010

Resoe - Abstrakt Dimenzions EP [2010, vinyl, echocord]

january 2010
lbl: Echocord
#: echocord 041
dub techno
hubscale: topaz [8.0]

A1. Walking The Deep Line

B1. Polarized

B2. Apart From Moorpark

producer - Dennis Bøg

note: "Baum records' head Resoe aka Dennis Bøg sets up three tracks of sublime deeper dub-tech experiements on the lovely 'Abstrakt Dimenzions' EP. 'Walking The Deep Line' deftly works languid delays and reverb treatments over a skanking dub-house rhythm while 'Polarized' steps with a post-garage meets Detroit flex recalling John Beltran and the ace 'Apart From Moorpark' gets crafty with qick-stepping rhythms and mournful melodica embellished with sublime electronica." - boomkat.

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  1. Fantastic record, thank you for this one! Big recommendation to everyone, Echocord did it again, support them!


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