środa, stycznia 20, 2010

Shortstuff & Hyetal - Don't Sleep / Ice Cream [2010, vinyl, punch drunk]

18 january 2010
lbl: Punch Drunk
#: drunk15
dubstep, uk garage
hubscale: silicon [7.0]

A. Don't Sleep

B. Ice Cream

Shortstuff - Richard Attley,
Hyetal - David Corney.

note: "January seems to be a month of firsts for Bristol's Punch Drunk, which sees the first non-local producer on the label—the Hertfordshire-based Shortstuff, here no doubt thanks to the geographical relevance of Redland resident Hyetal. It's also, notably, the first collaborative 12-inch to be released on Punch Drunk, and undoubtedly one of the first absolutely essential dubstep 12-inches of 2010. [...]" - Oli Marlow.

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