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Nicolas Jaar - Time For Us [2010, vinyl, wolf + lamb music]

25 january 2010
lbl: Wolf + Lamb Music
#: WLM08
minimal, techno, deep house
hubscale: corundum [9.0]

A Time For Us

Mi Mujer

note: "Brand new release from possibly the coolest label around at the moment. Nicolas Jaar pops his Wolf + Lamb wax cherry (not counting Seth's remix of his on "Aphrika EP") with a solid double header of an ep. On the a-side "A Time For Us" combines the best of nu-disco & house for a laidback but bass-heavy jam, whilst on the flip "Mi Mujer" fuses deep house, boogie and americana in a singularly american way."

[fixed at 1 february 2010]

buy it here.

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