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Ø - Ikuinen [2007, vinyl, sähkö recordings]

june 2007
lbl: Sähkö Recordings
experimental, techno, dub
mohs hubscale: boron

A. Ikuinen

B. Ikuinen - Version

Ø (pronounced "ohm") a.k.a. Mika Vainio of Pan sonic, called Ikuinen ("Eternal").

Written-By, Producer - Mika Vainio

note: "'Ikuinen' is Vainio's take on synthesized moodiness, some kind of robotic Finnish exploration into the work of John Carpenter. Through sloooow reverberating beats and wavering high pitched synthesizer sounds we are introduced to a moody widescreen world of flickering neons and desolate concrete tower blocks. This would make the perfect soundtrack to an Eastern European take on Blade Runner, all menacing, grey and mysterious, and I don't think there can be much higher praise than that. Both sides are essentially two parts of one long, brooding track and I have to say that this was the kind of record I've been hoping to come from Vainio for some time now, it's a wet dream for someone like me who not only fetishizes Sähkö but also the whole 70s synth movie soundtracks genre in general."

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