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Deixis - Nomads Soul & The Mannequins Romance [2008, vinyl, aw-recordings]

29 september 2008
lbl: AW-Recordings
#: AW-012
electro, techno, dub
mohs hubscale: corundum

A1. The Hour Of The Soul (Original)
A2. The Hour Of The Soul (Arne Weinberg Remix)
B1. Droids Of Desire
B2. The Mannequins Romance

note: "Mysterious artists are always a good topic for discussions. Deixis is such a person prefering to stay unknown. Already introduced to the label rooster with his track for AW-010, the Viewpoints compilation, we are happy to have him on board with his first full 12” release. Running his own label Abstract Forms he stands for deepest dub infected Detroit techno. Some might say this is oldschool, and maybe they are right, but we don’t care.... it’s beautiful deep melodic techno as we love it! Featuring a remix by label owner Arne Weinberg." - mondo urbano.

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