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Taho - Forest Of Wonders [2007, vinyl, delsin]

may 2007
lbl: Delsin
#: 65 dsr/tah1
techno, tech-house, detroit
mohs hubscale: chrysoberyl

A1. Energy Fields

A2. Detroit

B. Forest Of Wonders

producer - David Jacopin

note: "Taho is well known for his Hypnotic Drive, Jazzy Chords, and Hi Tech Soul Atmospheres and yet Dynamic and Powerful grooves. "

"A new artist on the Delsin label, although Taho has been around in the music business for a longer time than Delsin has!

Way back in 1994 he released four Eps on Laurent Garnier's F-Comm label, and started his own label Lumina after. A superb beatless deep synthy freaked out track opens this EP. Second track 'Detroit' is one pure energy techno space booster, bringing back memories to older Aril Brikha material. Title track 'Forest Of Wonders' takes it more on a Berlin tip, with it's smooth Maurizio styled dubby synth, and it's subtile, dreamy arrangement."

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